The Wine and Extra Virgin Olive Oil list of Vite in Riviera holds the best of our 27 companies’ production by type and grape variety.

From sparkling to meditation wines, embracing the whole area of ​​Ponente Ligure.

The wines were clustered according to their intensity and structure.


The list of Wines and Olive Oils of Vite in Riviera 2020 (PDF)


Sparkling wines

A white sparkling wine and a pink sparkling wine, strictly classic method (Champenois)

Delicate White Wines Delicate White Wines

Pigato and Vementino interpreted by our producers in all their authenticity.

Intense White Wines | Intense White Wines

Pigato and Vermentino can become important wines, that amuse and give intense and intriguing aromas.

Elegant Rosè | Elegant Rosè

Three rosé wines from Ormeasco, Rossese and Granaccia, with elegant yet delicate characters.


Delicate Red Wines Delicate Red Wines

Granaccia and Rossese, young red wines easy to drink and at the same time all to discover.

Intense Red Wines | Intense Red Wines

Rossese and Ormeasco interpreted with great skill by our producers. A selection of important and elegant wines.

Sweet Wines | Sweet Wines

A passito di Pigato not to be missed. Harmony in the liquid state.


L’Oro del Ponente Ligure

The extra virgin olive oil in our area is synonymous with Arnasca and Taggiasca. Two typical and also very different varieties. The former is more intense and robust, the latter more delicate. The selected extra virgin olive oils are all excellent products, the flag of western Liguria’s oil production.







 Special thanks to our friend Augusto Manfredi