The Taggiasca olive is an olive tree cultivation typical above all of Western Liguria and in particular in the territories of Imperia and Albenga. It is so called because it arrived in Taggia, brought here by the monks of San Colombano, coming from the monastery island of Lerino. The grafts of Taggiasca olives were spread throughout Italy over the centuries, although the largest cultivation has always remained in the province of Imperia; this variety is one of the most renowned for the production of extra virgin olive oil and one of the best table olives, since the fruit, despite its small size, is very tasty. Taggiasca extra virgin olive oil is an oil with a delicate fruitiness and low acidity, which finds its greatest strength in its finesse. The color varies from yellow to green. In the mouth, the Taggiasca oil is pleasantly delicate and fruity, with a sweet and slightly spicy sensation.