Grenache, Alicante, Cannonau

Historical notes

originally from Spain, it was introduced in Italy through Roussillon and Sardinia. There is news of cultivation in Ventimiglia at the beginning of the 800th century. Today it is grown mainly in the province of Savona and in the eastern part of the province of Imperia.


pyramidal, sometimes winged, with an average length of 15/18 cm. Medium grape, blue / black color, thick skin. Ripening between the second and third ten days of September.


in red, Granaccia gives wines of a beautiful ruby color with pink hints, scent of rose and violet, final notes of very ripe red orange. On the palate the wines are fresh, quite soft, very drinkable. In pink Granaccia is a great rosè wine, mineral and fruity, with notes of wild cherry, small strawberries and roses.


DOC Riviera Ligure di Ponente, IGT Colline Savonesi