From the vine and the olive tree

The heritage of flavors of Western Liguria is unique, combining land and sea products, to offer extraordinary sensations to the palate.

Red wines

Liguria produces numerous excellent red wines, mainly from native grapes such as Ormeasco, Granaccia e Rossese.

White wines

Fruity, fresh and saline, the white wines of the Western Ligurian Riviera come from the processing of typical vines such as Vermentino, Pigato, Lumassina e Moscatello di Taggia and are the national and international flag of the territory.

Rosé wines

There are excellent rosé wines in the western Ligurian Riviera and two of the most famous are Ormeasco Sciac-Tra and Granaccia. Click on the pages of our producers to find out how they interpreted the Ormeasco and Granaccia vines in pink.

Wines and special products

Within the product range of our farmers and producers there are great sparkling wines, excellent sweet wines and spirits.

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Olives and Oil

The tradition of olive growing in Western Liguria goes back thousands of years. Here excellent extra virgin olive oils and gourmet specialties such as sauces, pesto and olives are produced.

Gourmet specialties

Visit the pages of our producers and discover their gourmet selection.