• Synonyms: White Moscato

  • History: Vine historicallly spread in the province of Imperia in the Medieval / Renaissance period, altready present in the municipal statutes from the 15th Century. The sweet and liqueur wine that was obtained, was supplied to the Pope, to the Genoese and Roman nobility, to the markets of Northern Europe. In the 16th century, the bottle-holder of Pope Paul III says that it arrives in Rome from more provinces “both by sea and by land, but the best is the one that comes from the Riviera, from a villa called Taglia (Taggia) … ..”. The story ended with the Filossera attack of the beginning of the 20th Century, that almost canceled the presence of Passito vine. From the early years of 2000 the cultivation of Moscatello restarted in pure.

  • Grape: pyramidal or cylindrical, medium size, often with a wing, medium berry, yellow / green color, thin

  • Vinification: The wine obtained can be dry or sweet, still or sparkling. In each variant always keeps the
    aromatic characteristics of the fruit

  • Denomination: DOC riviera ligure di ponente