Dopor the dinner dedicated to fish, here is the second long-awaited appointment of our evenings with Chef Andrea Masala, who sees boiled meat as the protagonist.

To you ours menu for the evening, which already has many booked!


- Roasted Carmagnola pepper and liquid anchovy.

-Fassona tartare, caper powder, lemon zest, hazelnuts and sour cream.

-His Majesty the Boiled… The seven cuts, its bells and whistles and the traditional sauces.

- Plin ravioli in beef reduction.

- Bunet with amaretti di Sassello.

€40,00 per person, wines and drinks included.

Each dish will be paired by our Sommelier Gianni Boffredo with a fine selection of wines from our Ponente.

Regional Winery of Ortovero, 20.00.

Info and reservations: – 366 872 6643.